Organising your presentation

Presentations can have automatic table of contents, section trackers and other navigation elements that can help you to present, and your audiences to read.

Table of Contents (TOC) or Agenda

Instantly build or update an Agenda/TOC with the correct page numbers every time, together with hyperlinks to allow users, viewers or presenters to navigate your presentation. If you have the fully customised version of Create, then you’ll have an additional option to show appendices.

Agendas can be drawn from slide titles, section titles, or a combination of these in a variety of one or two column layouts. Once your agenda has been set, you simply use the Create tool to refresh any changes to pagination or content in your presentation.

There are two types of section and appendix divider slides:

  • A slide displaying the section/appendix name and number – from which you can generate an automatic agenda/table of contents at the beginning of the presentation;
  • From “Repeated dividers” – where a page lists all the sections and appendices in the presentation, with the current section/appendix highlighted

If your document doesn’t have section dividers, you could generate a TOC from native Section breaks.

Agendas will automatically run onto as many pages or columns as needed and you can choose to exclude any items from appearing in the Agenda page.


Whether your agenda/table of contents (TOC) is generated in a single slide, or using the repeated dividers method, you can choose to have automatic hyperlinks – without the awful PowerPoint underline – simply by checking the option in the dialog.

All hyperlinks are visible whether working in PowerPoint, presenting as a screenshow and when the presentation has been PDF’d.

Home button

To compliment the document navigation, you can choose to add a HOME icon every page (the icon can be customised, but the default is the shape of a house) which, when clicked, takes viewers to the agenda/TOC slide.

Section Tracker

You can choose to include an automatic section tracker at the top of each slide in your presentation. There are two options:

  • A single section name (the current section title) on all the slides within that section; or
  • A section tracker bar, which displays all the section and appendix titles on every slide and highlights the active section/appendix. All topics in the section tracker bar are hyperlinked for easy navigation through the presentation.

Updating and refreshing the section tracker or TOC appens automatically through Create’s Update function.

When a section title is very long, you can choose to condense it on the section tracker bar – which won’t affect your main table of contents.

Section Mini Table of Contents

You can add a mini TOC to any section divider, or this may be set as a default if your organisation requires it. The mini TOC will list all the slide titles within the current section, with the page number and hyperlink.

Cross-Referencing text within your presentation or to Excel

Create allows you to cross reference text from Excel into PowerPoint, and now you can cross-reference text from within PowerPoint.

  • Text from the title slide (e.g. Title, Subtitle, Date, Presenter)
  • An item in your Agenda/TOC
  • A section title
  • A slide title
  • A slide number

You can choose to view all your cross-references as hyperlinks, then when you are ready to present or PDF your file, you can turn this off.

Cross references can be removed, changed or updated one at a time or all at once.