ABG is the independent, Nordic investment banking powerhouse. It has been providing a full suite of investment banking services to clients for over 30 years, building up a strong reputation in the Nordic region and beyond.

Project Info

ABG uses Create for banking pitchbooks across its investment banking business. Create is especially useful for teams working together across ABG’s different offices and regions, ensuring consistency and making it easy to combine different slide decks into a final pitch. ABG have an active analyst and intern recruitment programme, and Create helps new joiners get quickly up to speed.

How ABG use Create

– Pitchbooks
– Management presentations
– Information Memoranda

Customer stories


BDO is a global accountancy and advisory firm, where Create, Compare and Repair have been implemented in over 30 countries.

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Create is used by the SEB Investment Banking arm of the Group in offices in all Nordic and Baltic countries as well as London, New York and Frankfurt.

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AstraZeneca have been using Create since 2008 for swifter financial performance analysis and board reporting.

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