Shape and Content Libraries

Shapes, images, layouts and other assets

Use Create to insert slides, shapes or images in your presentation rather than native PowerPoint. Any slides you insert from Create will be formatted according to your company’s branding and content can be marked as “updateable” and assets given publish and expiry dates and search tags.

Typically “assets” will have been either built in to the Create software or uploaded by your organisation’s designated authors. An asset can be a text shape within a slide, a whole slide, a shape, chart, table or image on a slide.

Updateable content

When a document containing updateable content is opened, Create checks if a new version of the updateable asset os is available. This is automatically downloaded in the background, allowing the user to carry on working. The user can view the parts that are updateable.

Asset synchronisation

If your organisation utilises this option, designated authors can manage and upload new assets for access by users or groups of users. New versions of assets can be made available to other users immediately or on a fixed date in the future.

Contact information and disclaimers

Office addresses, registered company text, copyright dates and long or short disclaimer text can be pulled onto relevant pages within a document – for example on a letterhead or a contact slide or back page. These can be added, deleted or edited by authors, so that documents always contain the most up to date information.