Use tables to clearly communicate data and results

It’s quick and easy to add great looking tables to present data and results within your documents, reports and PowerPoint presentations.

Create has a whole host of Table features that will allow you do this. You can format tables in PowerPoint (from imported and linked Excel data) or import tables from Excel as linked pictures. The data source for formatting and content is within your Excel source documents and these can be updated individually, more than one, or all at once at the click of a button.

Create ensures consistency and branding by having your company colour palette and table formats in PowerPoint, Excel and Word at all users fingertips.

Create tables and linking

Create table features at a glance

  • Load style options for tables, cells, borders and symbols to ensure consistency with your company or clients’ brands
  • Insert a blank table or a table with data from the clipboard
  • Apply a Create table formatting option to the selected table
  • Update all charts and tables linked to Excel
  • Copy and paste charts and tables linked to Excel with Create, from one document to another
  • From the Create Tables pane, click on a format to apply borders to the selected range of cells